Crisis Respite Services

Service Goal

Short-stay, community-based Crisis Respite offers stabilization, active treatment, and discharge consultation to promote post-respite success.
Our specialized services provide an alternative to institutional stays and promote the success of each person based upon individualized planning.

Our mission is to identify and evaluate the root cause of the events that challenge each person’s daily experiences, using active treatment to enhance long-term wellness and improved quality of life.

Those who can benefit from this service include:

    • People who are struggling in their current living situation after attempted interventions have not provided the desired remedy.
    • People who require specialized support services as an alternative to longer institutional stays.
    • People who have received a discharge notice and who would benefit from an effective support team and a stable living environment pending development of a permanent option.
    • People who are not currently aggressive but who are not exhibiting the necessary stability to safely remain in their current home.
    • People who desire a service team that is committed to standing by them and assisting them in creating the life they desire.

Guiding Principles

  • Every person wants and deserves a meaningful life. We strive to set a path for each person to establish what they value- creating the opportunity for the support team to collaborate and problem solve- moving toward that which the person desires.
  • Every person can be successfully supported in the community. We remain steadfast through hard times and do not give up on people.
  • Every person wants and deserves to be heard. We seek to recognize, celebrate and support each person’s unique qualities and needs.
  • Every person deserves to experience genuine, positive, caring relationships. Our service is based first and foremost on compassion for people.
  • Every person wants to feel safe. People feel safe when they have trust. We work diligently to demonstrate to those we support that we are trustworthy.
  • Every person will potentially present undesirable behaviors. We look beyond the behavior to identify the function of the behavior and to create interventions to help the individual reach their desired outcomes in new ways.

Stabilization and Transition Planning

Crisis Respite offers urgent assessment and transition to the respite site. We work with each person to reach greater stability and to minimize aggressive events by using comprehensive behavior assessment and an individualized approach. As transition from respite approaches, recommendations for ongoing support will be prepared for the future support team and other stakeholders.

Individualized Core Services

  • Urgent assessment and transition to the crisis respite residence
  • Observation and behavior treatment to achieve stabilization
  • Participative transition planning for post crisis respite site

A Safe Place to Live

The respite location is designed with safety in mind. The site location offers private bedrooms, comfortable shared living space, and a safe environment. The home is equipped with a safe room as well as elopement prevention capability. The deployment of individual restrictive measures is a team decision based on the intended benefit to the person and the need for behavioral stabilization.


Crisis Respite is staffed 24/7. Shifts are structured to maximize effective implementation of each individual’s support plan. Staff includes behavioral specialists with extensive training and experience supporting people who present significant behavioral challenges.

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