Behavioral Support Services

What Sets Us Apart

  • HIL is equipped to manage behavioral complexities due to in-house expertise and a history of success.
  • HIL employees receive comprehensive training to successfully manage challenging behaviors.
  • HIL offers a transitional, step-down model of support that promotes cost-effective services within a continuum of care.
  • HIL offers a wide variety of community- based services and settings to ensure the right fit for each person’s needs.

Behavior Support Goals

HIL seeks to support people with behavioral challenges through consistent, stable supports while promoting a fulfilling life. In addition, we strive to:

• Take a person-centered approach to promote behavioral stability and long-term wellness in the least restrictive environment.
• Design a ‘no fail’ support plan executed by a dedicated care team that is flexible and can adapt as the needs of the person change.
• Avoid the need for law enforcement intervention and institutional stays.

The Path to Success

The cornerstone of success for people who present with behavioral and mental health sup- port needs depends largely on a solid team of dedicated employees. Our highly trained staff:

• Are not only skilled at working with people who present a variety of challenging behaviors, they strongly prefer it
• Are committed to coaching and other positive supports
• Limit physical intervention to defensive measures or as a last resort
• Remain calm while executing the behavioral support plan during crisis intervention
• Consistently implement treatment plans
• Are willing to adapt their own behavior on behalf of those supported

Other components of our success include environmental modifications, effective support plans that evolve with the person, and thorough pre-move assessments and transition planning.