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You know that choosing the right service provider with specialized knowledge and extensive experience makes a huge difference in the life of an individual with a disability.

For more than three decades, Homes for Independent Living (HIL) has been a leader in residential and community-based services and supports for adults with a wide range of disabilities.

From gentle guidance and assistance just a few hours a week to complete residential and comprehensive care, including 24-hour support, HIL provides an array of services to accommodate any individual or circumstance. Our staff is knowledgeable and experienced, and we are especially proud of the number of employees who have been with us five or more years.

We define our success by the lives we enhance. Everyday we see individuals overcome setbacks, make extraordinary accomplishments, and improve their quality of life with the help of the services and supports we provide.

HIL operates over a hundred homes in fourteen Wisconsin counties. Our homes are modern, comfortable, clean, and located in quiet residential neighborhoods.