Referral Process

Referrals are made by contacting the Admissions Director or Coordinator by phone, email, or fax. They are aware of any current or projected openings within all HIL programs. They will ask for a brief description of the individual’s needs and will discuss any openings that may be appropriate. If there seems to be an appropriate opening, HIL will request written information and will set up an appointment to do a formal screening assessment. The assessment allows us to further evaluate our ability to meet an individual’s needs and can be done at the person’s current residence, at the HIL home, or in another location found convenient by the family, person, or agency making the referral. If a tour is desired prior to making a formal referral, we are happy to accommodate this request.


HIL assesses each individual to determine the most suitable residential setting for that individual. Determining factors would include services needed, compatibility with other people living in a particular home, desired social and community opportunities, and appropriate staffing. Assessments also include personal meetings with the person seeking services and observation in the person’s current environment. Families, guardians, other care providers, case managers and any other significant people involved in placement planning are interviewed in person, by phone, or in writing.

Team Approach

HIL subscribes to a team approach, both in initial assessment of needs, and on an ongoing basis once a person is in placement. Critical members of the team include the person receiving services, guardian or family, case manager and other appropriate people as identified by the person being served, or the family or guardian. Prior to and upon admission, an individualized plan of services and supports is written, with participation from all members of the team. The plan is agreed upon by the team prior to implementation. Individualized Service and Support Plans are evaluated regularly and updated and revised as needed. The goal is to provide each individual with the maximum opportunity to achieve their potential, as well as to enhance their physical, emotional, and social well-being.

For more information:

Admissions Referral Specialist
(920) 499-7965 Ext. 1304